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Gender: Male

My Movie

OHHHHHHHHHHH Winston! If Winston was human, he'd be an emotionally challenged child with TONS of "baggage" who's doing his best to work through his "issues" and needs a home where there's NO question, that it's still a lonnnnnnnnnng road to recovery. When the dogs were originally rescued from the breeder's farm, he was somehow overlooked, and spent a week or so without food or water. By the time he was found, he was severely dehydrated and had to be hospitalized. Whatever his trauma in rescue or recovery, it left him incredibly wary and a little neurotic. He's really coming into his own now (for him) and will walk on a leash. He will also allow affection, and is bouncing and finding his confidence. 

Winston has the keenest sense of ANYTHING different. Since Kuvasz instinctively notice when a leaf changes location in the yard, that's saying a lot. Winston does not like caterpillars - they are very strange creatures to be avoided at all costs!