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A healthy dog is a well-fed dog. Feed the body, feed the mind. Feeding well means their food is balanced nutritionally; as needed with a menu specifically designed to meet each dog's individual circumstance.

All dog foods claim to provide a nutritionally balanced diet. We believe the source of the nutrition, and the quality of the source, makes a difference. That may not be apparent shorter term, with an otherwise healthy dog, but it becomes a increasing factor longer term and with age. When a dog is older, or has been seriously stressed, that additional nutrition and quality source becomes even more important. The recent recalls of a variety of dogs foods emphasizes understanding what goes into the food we feed our dogs (and ourselves).

There are a lot of discussions about the benefits of "raw food", or of one particular food or supplement. In general, Kuvasz are very efficient processors of the food they eat. That makes sense since they were originally intended to live in the fields and in more instances than not, eat what they caught : if not as the primary food source then as a supplement. It speaks to the standing adage, from breeders, to NOT supplement Kuvasz puppies and not use "puppy food" since it accelerates growth which can cause uneven growth. None of that addresses the quality of the food, however.

The results of using high quality foods, and supplements as needed, were very obvious with the dogs in this rescue. In some instances within one or two weeks. When you see how significant the impact can be, in even relatively short time frames and across so many dogs, it is hard to downplay the importance. (and makes you think about what we feed ourselves!) These foods are more expensive, but if you calculate the quantities of food needed, really only marginally so on a percentage basis. When you add the benefits of improved, longer lasting, health, we believe the true costs swing the other way. One vet made the offhand comment in so many words 'If not for the quality of food and supplements these dogs are getting we could be have been burying dogs'

One resource to understand food, nutrition, and other similar issues, is the Whole Dog Journal. We recommend that as an excellent starting point for anyone seeking to find out more about these matters. A very worthwhile journey (and not as painful as you might expect) is to take a look at the ingredients of the foods listed below, and the care with which the sources of these foods is developed. Perhaps with the Journal in hand as a guide.

Foods we have used, in addition to a raw diet.

Nature's Variety - Instinct
Solid Gold - WolfKing or Holistique Blendz
Canidae - Chicken, Turkey, Lamb Mix, Lamb & Rice
Timberwolf Organics - Dakota Bison, Wilderness Elk
Merrick - Grammy's Pot Pie
Natura - EVO

Merrick - All flavors (HIGHLY recommend this to anyone unfamiliar with the brand)
Natura - EVO, Innova (95% meat varieties - beef, venison and chicken)

Solid Gold - Seafood Meal
Omega-3 oils - liquid (any brand)
Salmon oil - liquid (any brand)
Brewers yeast - tablets or powder (from health food stores)
Kelp - tablets or powder (from health food stores)
Wheatgerm - 20 oz jars or packages