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Gender: Male

My Movie

"Tristram Shandy" (couldn't resist the literary mention) is a BIG, but solidly-lean neutered male, with a mind of his own. However, he is also very affectionate. The bigger the dog, the bigger the baby...with a tendency to whine and cry for attention when its not "his turn," which really isn't becoming to his general look! He has a quiet reserve as well (which sounds contradictory, but you have to see him.) He is probably the most "his own dog" of all of them while still seeking affection and attention. Shandy keys off Duchess at the moment in an adjoining run, and can be quite agressive through the fence with strangers (that's almost a Kuvasz trait isn't it?) But, he takes direction/verbal correction well. Shandy meets strangers on leash politely. He loves food, cookies and his BED!!!! Shandy would do very well in a home environment with folks who love long walks on a leash. He enjoys running free, but quickly circles back for attention and cuddling. Shandy is not a dog that would do well in a competitive environment with other males and probably would resent being left alone all day. There's more to Shandy than he's shown yet. He would be better in a one dog home, or definitely as the only male.