Pops - ("Poppie") **ADOPTED!!**

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Gender: Male

My Movie

NOW he's a charming, frolicking fellow! He would be perfect for someone who is not looking for a completely SERIOUS Kuvasz. Poppie would probably fine with other dogs and cats, if he is handled intelligently and given the opportunity to adjust. He takes the lead as "watcher" at night when Travis goes off duty. Poppie is not yet great on a leash, but he's learning! He is VERY fond of toys, and attention. He's quite BOUNCY, turns "inside out" giving happy attention at the least provocation! Poppie is just a lovely dog!

(At the shelter, he would not even lift his head up to see what was going on. When he arrived here, he stayed pinned against the run fences, and wanted nothing to do with anyone. Of all the dogs, he may have come the farthest. He is just a pleasure to say hi to and be with, when he knows you. And he really seems like he has "miles more to go" in the hands of a family who loves him to pieces! When Poppie takes a treat by hand, he is SO careful he will not even let his lips touch you. He waits with the treat on his tongue for a second, just to make sure that is all that is in his mouth!)