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Gender: Female

My Movie    Shaina and Me

Perhaps the most intellectual of the group - smart, discerning, and a good decision maker. Molly will take her time deciding if someone is "ok", watching everything they do. While she does, she will tolerate them, but stay withdrawn. She is very fond of affection, cuddling and play. Molly loves to play and bounce! She will crawl into your lap, turn inside out, and has learned that the "cookies" are kept in a coat pocket and will dive in to abduct one. If the pocket is bare, gloves, keys, or any other discovery will do, and she's off and running with a "laugh". Molly is a little too fond of food - she's now on a maintenance diet. She loves "cookies" and her squeakers!!!. Molly is very responsive to verbal commands (if she "agrees"). She is a real "friend" of a dog, but no guarantees with cats or fowl. She's a no nonsense, smart dog, but with a delightful "puppy" side. Molly spent the first week or ten days here not "talking" to anyone, just watching. Then one day she made her decision, and walked up to be playful and friendly.