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Gender: Female

Bertie is the miracle dog. She escaped on day 2 of her time here, and spent 3 months, covering most of the 200 acres here. Amazingly, she has stayed within the surveyed boundaries, on 2 sides of the highway (SHUDDER), came in to eat when everyone left, but only in areas she could escape from. Bertie would bark from a distance if dinner was late. She is VERY smart and very savvy. She demonstrated what we'd expect from a working Kuvasz entirely on her own, having been raised as a kennel dog. Besides intuitively understanding the boundaries of "the farm", she gathered and protected a small herd of deer (or they did her) and lived very well by her wits!!!!. Then she decided it was time to come back to the group as winter set in. Bertie is very happy and attached here and not available for adoption.