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Gender: Female

My Movie    See me wink!

"Tough little COOKIE" - this dog is the definition of: "looks were deceiving" . Very small with a shorter sheep's coat ALL OVER. Cute, she's loving and playful ... BUT as tough as nails! She will stand for no "lip" from any other dog and explains that with astounding clarity. She loves Bodie, Travis and others, so she does get along with other dogs, depending on the dog. Definitely not good around cats, chickens, ducks, guinea hens, etc. (needs a very long time of supervision, with no guarantees of success.) She's extremely affectionate when she gets to know you, makes excellent "decisions" about situations, and would be a really exceptional companion dog for someone. Needs room to run like the wind. She's a bit finicky in the food department, and if she is mad at you (for her reasons,) she can turn off the playful affection for short periods (she's sulking? or proving a point!) Loads of companionship and personality there if you earn her respect. She is a thinker. Baby LOVES her toys and a real show-off with the other dogs when she gets a new one. She "collects" all her toys from the outside run at the threat of rain or nightfall. Baby is a VERY organized little dog....though "housekeeping" is not her long suit!!!!!  Of all the dogs, Baby makes you laugh. Not at her, but with her in her expressions of joy and play.