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A great Indian chief was once quoted as writing

If all the beasts were gone men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beast also happens to the man. All things are connected, whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth.

There is argument that he never actually said quite those words. Along side the starfish parable the belief, however, is clear. It's all about caring, nurturing and protecting. Just as a mother cares for, nurtures and protects her young. A family cares for, nurtures and protects its members...including its animal members.

Any Kuvasz in need is part of the greater Kuvasz family. The effort behind Kuvasz Rescue .us was started when the need arose to rescue 48 dogs whose breeder had died. Some are still in need of good homes, and support while finding those homes.

All things are connected. Believing that, whenever you can you save "that one", however you can. That is what the rescue effort here is all about. That is what people donating their time, effort, money to help, to Kuvasz Rescue .us are all about. They may not talk about the connection above directly, or speak of the starfish story. Their actions speak for them.

The dogs on the farm have both outdoor/indoor kennels for shelter, and wonderful fields for running, playing, and chasing butterflies.Each dog spends time, every day, excercising in those fields. They each interact, every day, with at least one person. Dogs are worked with, one on one, as well. That one on one work is rotated through the dogs over several days. When the first 12 dogs arrived in late 2006, they were all suffering from malnutrition, exposure, and psychological stress. After a few months of balanced nutrition, and a lot of TLC, the dogs are all happy, healthy and hearty See their pictures here. Watch them in action here! Read their stories here!

Steve has over 30 years experience in the Kuvasz breed. Among the people that help him in this effort are Kuvasz owners; others who saw the need and stepped forward, including one person licensed in wild life animal rescue. They have all learned something special about the breed and themselves as they have worked to provide the opportunity for these dogs to recover and grow.